Things are beginning to roll...

It has now been a month since I stepped away from my former job to focus more on building this music project and things are actually starting to move along. Just as a snapshot of what has happened:

The IATP social pages have begun to come to life. The Twitter profile alone has jumped up from 35 followers to now 309! That is some pretty serious growth. The Instagram account didn't even exist until August, but that is coming along nicely as well!

I have also booked the very first official IATP acoustic performance as I will be opening for the Midwest Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry's 2 year anniversary celebration. Booking a small regional tour has also been in talks and I will make sure to let you know about that as soon as it's official!

The Official IATPendragon YouTube page has just started a new weekly series as well which was able to launch to 26 subscribers which bumped up again to now 34 after the first new video went up! So that's pretty cool.

At this stage, everything feels like a locomotive just starting to creak into movement. It's slow and heavy work right now, but we are building a foundation which will be able to sustain the momentum we'll see in the future!

Thank you all again for your support and partnership in this endeavor!
You Rock,
I Am The Pendragon