Word Of The Day: Purity

Today, we will be starting a new daily post on FB and Instagram as well as compiling these posts on the blog on our website called #WordOfTheDay. It will be a way to regularly share what God is speaking to us in his Word with you! We'll be switching off days, so you'll get to hear from both myself (Jerrod) and Dave. For the first Word of the day, I thought it would be fitting to talk about why God's word is so important. The psalmist starts by asking the question, "How can a young person stay pure?" That question is just as pressing today, thousands of years later, as it was on the day it was written. Purity is still such a difficult concept to grasp, so foreign to our lives, that even the word has become hated; as if purity itself has become profane. And yet, even and perhaps especially as we become more closed off and hostile to the ideal, in our hearts it still holds it's allure. It lies hidden in our self harming agreements when we think to ourselves, "There is no way I could ever have that...but I wish I could." Contrary to the way many Christians are living, the Bible does not exist just to tell us a few nice stories and help us go to Heaven when we die. The Word of God is alive and active and it activates us out of our empty, depraved existences into the radically transformed lives that are meant to be the trademark of those who bear the name of Christ. As we read His Word, God's Holy Spirit reveals a greater reality than what our natural senses can ascertain and He empowers us to live our lives in this reality! Yes, purity is an unattainable goal for man to achieve on his own. Try as hard as you might, but it will always allude you and your own selfishness will defeat you. Trust me; I am speaking from personal experience. But how can a young person even HOPE to stay pure? By obeying the Word of God. How can we know God's Word? By hiding it in our hearts. -Jerrod #Purity #Word #WordOfGod #DailyWord #Bible #BibleStudy