Word Of The Day: Grace & Mercy

I fail. Often. As a husband, I fail. As a father, I fail. As a decent human being, I epically fail! I try to do what is right, but not all of the time. There are many, MANY times when I knowingly, willingly do what I know to be wrong. I won't try to let myself off the hook by saying, "Well, I'm only human" because that would be disingenuous I fail so often because I want to. I have a problem with sin and my problem is that I don't hate it nearly as much as I should. Thankfully, I am a recipient of God's mercy. I need it. I know that I need it. But there is a point when I stop approaching His mercy and grace as a spur to drive towards deep repentance and to strive for a holier life and instead see it as a couch for myself to lounge in and get fat on. To paraphrase the apostle Paul, who do I think I am to abuse God's grace as an excuse to go on sinning willy-nilly? This is a behavior I am easily irritated with when I see it in the lives of other Christians around me but I all too often fail to see it in myself. God, I thank You for Your grace. Let your mercies drive me closer to You. Help me not to abuse this precious gift. #WordOfTheDay #Grace #Mercy #DailyWord #Bible #BibleStudy