Word Of The Day: Shepherd

This is probably one of the most famous passages of scripture in the entire Bible. Many of us who grew up in the church memorized it as children. It's one in which our familiarity may numb us to the deep peace that it's words can provide. There is level of trust and security a sheep finds in there shepherd. You may have heard before about how dumb sheep can be, but can you imagine the peace of mind one would have in not needing to know anything except the shepherd? I Am The type who over analyzes everything. I have this impulsive need for what often proves to be useless information. I find myself so used to carrying so many burdens that I forget how it feels when they aren't there. Don't get me wrong, there are still times of correction (the rod and the staff), and even times when you are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, but the most beautiful image in this passage is of God being right there with you. If He is leading or has lead you into those dark places, you can rest assured knowing that it is Him who will lead lead you out. The ending of this passage is the culmination of everything leading up to it. As you learn to trust more in Him, as you allow Him to guide, protect, correct and even take you through some difficult seasons, He will bring you to a place full of peace where you can rest in His presence forever after! #WordOfTheDay #Shepherd #DailyWord #BibleStudy #Bible #Psalm23