Word Of The Day: Light

Few things offend like a light getting turned on to wake you up. It doesn't matter how necessary or even helpful it is; the searing bright of the light is painful, annoying and overall unwelcome. That is why this analogy made by Jesus makes so much sense. Before He makes Himself known to us, we live our lives in the dark. We love the dark. We embrace it. We sink ourselves deep into it and we become a product, a child of the darkness we hold so dear. When Jesus enters our lives, He is shining a light into our darkness. When the Word of God speaks to us on a particular sin, it is attacking our comfort and making a proclamation on how to live rightly. And just as we do often do, we cling to our comforting darkness and are repulsed by the Light. Sometimes we do the "5 more minutes" routine. Other times we make accusations against the One who is responsible for bringing this light into our lives. "Why would you do something so hateful?!? Why can't you just leave me alone? You need to just mind your own business, turn that light off and let everyone else live their own lives the way they want to!" The problem with this response is the root of why we are so comfortable in the darkness. Darkness conceals. Walking into an empty kitchen at night is no big deal until you turn on the light and reveal the hundreds of cockroaches that were crawling over everything. In the darkness I was never challenged to address my dirtiness and change from my comfortable lifestyle, but that kind of comfort kills. We need to learn to accept the Light and all that it reveals in us, all that we tried to hide. It will hurt. It will annoy. It will pull you abruptly out of your comfort zone but it will transform your into who you were created to be! #WordOfTheDay #Light #DailyWord #BibleStudy #Bible #Jesus #ChildrenOfLight #Reveal