We Are I Am The Pendragon

I Am The Pendragon has been an on-again/off-again music project that I have been working on for the past 5 years. Recently, God has led me to resign from my staff position at my home church to devote myself to building this project and leaving behind the safety net of a day job. This is a huge step for my family and me, especially considering that I don't have other band mates right now. As crazy as it is though, we believe this is what God is calling us to do. Without having a full band alongside me to go out and play shows as I would like and plan to do in the future, the majority of my way to build this project will be right here online. And while I might not have band mates just yet, I do have all of you and I want to connect with you as much as I can! I will be putting together a regular video series of original tracks and covers done acoustically, IATP story and character introductions and even IATP art projects that I am working on and will be giving away. I'll also be giving away free music downloads and even some IATP merch prizes as well. So what do I want from you? For the last 5 years, I have been closing out every show with the line, "We are I Am The Pendragon" and that is what I want! I'm not asking for your money or a crowdfunding donation, I am asking for you to be a part of this project. Download the free music (available at www.iatpendragon.com). When I post something you appreciate, reply with a comment and let me know. If the music and art that I am creating for you is something you can get excited about, tell a friend or two to come and see what's going on! Follow me here on Facebook, on Twitter (@iatpendragon) and subscribe to my YouTube channel Official IATPendragon. I'll also be playing some acoustic shows and heading out to the open mic nights around town; come hang out with me! What I want is to build a relationship with you and together, with God's help, I believe not only that this will be something very special but that we truly can change the world! If you are in, do those things I wrote earlier, comment below and share this post. WE ARE I AM THE PENDRAGON -Jerrod